Greatly motivated by the Molson beer commercials a number of years back.

I’m not a count on fund infant
Or a dot com millionaire
And also I really did not obtain renowned on television
Or win the lotto game
Or a video game program
And also I do not make a 6 number earnings
Although I make certain that would certainly be truly truly great
I live within my methods, within them
I have a varied profile, not a home loan
So individuals pay me rate of interest, not vice versa
I strive, however I no more require to benefit an income
I rely on financial savings, not in purchasing things I can not manage
Money not credit scores
Which thriftiness is not deprival however a deserving objective
A dime conserved is a cent made!
And also it is acquire and also hold, deny and also market, hold!
Cost savings are the very first demand to spend!
The main resource of substance rate of interest!
And also one of the most straight course to layoff!
My name is << insert your name>>, and also I am monetarily independent!

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