Work could also be considered a type of self-expression. As an illustration, once I labored as a physicist, I thought of the applications I wrote to simulate neutron stars and the papers I wrote about my understanding of the outcomes a type of self-expression a lot in the identical approach a musician picks up a guitar.

There’s additionally quite a lot of work which cannot be thought of as such. The Historic Greeks thought that such work was slavery. Their answer was to personal slaves. Being extra trendy and delusionally subtle we’ve got financialized slavery and created one thing referred to as jobs. Whereas folks can now not be owned like slaves, jobs can definitely be purchased, bought, and owned. And seeing how most individuals want jobs, it’s successfully the identical factor, plus ca change…

Actually quite a lot of our tradition offers with getting ready folks to dwell in a system the place their jobs may be purchased and bought. And prefer it!

The best way out of working jobs is proudly owning jobs. As a financially unbiased one that don’t have to work however who’ve achieved this state by investing, that’s, job-ownership, I’m basically simply the parallel of a slave-owner, a job-owner.

I don’t actually suppose this ongoing slave-mentality elevates humanity in any approach. It might be tougher to see lately as folks have extra rights, however most are nonetheless not free. This doesn’t mirror nicely on neither individuals who have jobs nor individuals who personal the roles by their investments.

This isn’t elevating humanity. It’s only a extra subtle model of the identical previous.

An enchancment could be a system the place no one want “jobs” whether or not that be as job-owners or jobbers. A system the place residing itself turns into self-expression.

I want to consider this…

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