Jake7: Is it potential to run a mile in below 4 minutes?

TruckerJohn: Haha, you’re dreaming. You want a minimum of quarter-hour to run a mile.

Runnergirl: That’s not true. A 6 minute mile is an honest quantity for somebody who runs frequently.

Tacho500: Sure it’s potential. This man did it and lots of others.

TruckerJohn: @Runnergirl – That hardly sounds snug. How do you have got time to hydrate if you solely have 6 minutes?

Runnergirl: You don’t must hydrate for that brief a time frame, you simply run.

TheSun: I’ve been operating for just a few years and I run a mile in 8 minutes, however operating a 4 minute mile appears fairly exhausting to me.

Runnergirl: @TheSun Should you do extra interval coaching, I’m certain you’ll get your pace up there.

TruckerJohn: I don’t learn about you guys, however I wish to transfer comfortably and I would like a minimum of 20 minutes to run a mile and that features a relaxation break.

Invoice: I can run a 5 minute mile and it is extremely snug. I principally run 6 occasions every week and normally run 4 miles every day at a 6 minute tempo.

TheSun: How lengthy have you ever been doing that Invoice?

Invoice: A few years. I was a sofa potato.

TruckerJohn: @Invoice I’m not a sofa potato however I don’t see how a daily man can run at something below 15. Positive it’s potential in case you run downhill, however we obtained to contemplate issues like hydration. Additionally, one could be in ache for days. Operating that quick is simply not wholesome.

Runnergirl: Any runner with just a bit expertise can run a mile in below 10 minutes.

Silverado: It’s positively not potential to run that quick, and apart from, who needs to run when you’ll be able to drive.

(Impressed by a real dialogue.)

Someway this jogs my memory of one thing else …

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